Battery Monitoring Solution

Battery Monitoring Solutions
Regardless of the industry, having a battery monitoring system helps to reduce maintenance costs, improve up-time and effectively managing your battery assets. Besides protecting from battery failures which leads to facility downtime that affects operations, the system also has capabilities of generating trend reports that provide system resistance, voltage, temperature, and voltage/ohms comparison readings.

- True 24/7/365 Battery Monitoring
- Installation and maintenance can be done while battery systems are online
- Meets IEEE and NERC standard recommendations for battery monitoring solutions
- Utilizes a patented ripple-removing algorithm for the most precise and repeated results in any environment
- Injects a minimal current, allowing the user to test their battery multiple times a day without adverse effects on your battery or battery monitoring system
- Simple to install with custom (to your batteries and site), pre-assembled installation materials
- Can monitor all your systems in real time with flexible expanding solutions
- Can be powered by AC or DC
- Includes battery management software for real time performance and trending reports

How we make a difference?
The Battery Monitoring System comes complete with Battery Management Software package which allows all battery systems to be monitored 24 hours a day, 365 days a year via a remote computer.
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