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Inductive displacement and proximity sensors are used for measuring displacement and shaft vibration on rotating machinery.

  • Non-contact measurement
  • Sensors are easy to mount
  • Broad linearity/working range
Mobile displacement sensor for VIBXPERT vibration analyser

Inductive proximity sensor

Type VIB 6.640

The inductive proximity sensor VIB 6.640 is used for contact-free measuring the gap of metallic objects within the specified range. The sensor connects to VIBXPERT vibration analysers.

Technical data (excerpt)

  • Working range Sn:
    3 … 15 mm
  • Max. frequency:
    300 Hz
  • Inductive measuring principle
Displacement sensor for PRUFTECHNIK online systems

Inductive displacement sensor

Type VIB 6.645 SET

The inductive displacement sensor VIB 6.645 SET connects to PRUFTECHNIK online systems. The sensor determines the position of metallic objects within the specified range.

  • Linear voltage signal across the entire working range
  • High max. frequency
  • LED adjusting indication

Technical data (excerpt)

  • Linearity range:
    2 … 10 mm
  • Rated operating distance Se:
    6 mm
  • Max. frequency:
    500 Hz

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