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3-Channel Vibration Analyzer, Data Collector and Many More

The A4300 VA3 Pro is the newest addition to our range of portable devices for vibration diagnostics. Signal inputs allows to connect two individual acceleration sensors or one Triaxial sensor. Input for speed probe is always ready to trigger your all three channel measurements simultaneously!

IR temperature sensor (for bearing temperature measurement) and a LED stroboscope/torch are built-in and ready to go by one button press. The A4300 VA3?Pro is?designed for one-handed operation. With a?weight of just 780g and a battery life of more than 10 hours of continous operation, the unit is suitable for?long route measurements.

The A4300 VA3 Pro instrument can be configured according to your requirements by choosing optional modules.

Free modules in every VA3:

A4300 VA3 Pro Meter


A4300 VA3 Pro Expert system

Expert System

A4300 VA3 Pro Stroboscope


  • Ideal for route measurement
  • Long lasting battery
  • Low weight 780 g
  • Route memory: 8 GB
  • Colour display 240 x 320 px
  • User configuration of required measuring modules
Input channels:
3 x AC, ICP® power supply on/off
3 x DC for process values
1 x TACHO for speed probe / external trigger
Input range:
AC +/- 12 V peak-peak
DC +/- 24V
AD conversion:
24 bit, 64 bit internal signal processing
No AutoGain function!
Dynamic range S/N:
120 dB
Frequency ranges:
Maximum range: 1 Hz – 25 kHz (64 kHz sampling)
Minimum range: 1 Hz – 25 Hz (64 Hz sampling)
Sampling mode:
Fully simultaneous for all 3 channels
FFT resolution:
Min. 25 lines
Max. 25 600 lines
Measurement modes:
Analyzer – analytical measurements
Data collector – route measurements
Balancer – 1 and 2 plane on site balancing
Recorder – raw signal recording for later post analysis
Run Up – run up and coast down measurements
Ultrasound – measurement of ultrasound in 30 – 50 kHz range
LED stroboscope, LED torch
FASIT – Expert system for automatic fault detection
Vibration meter – basic vibration measurements
Free version of DDS software (limited database size)
Licensed DDS software
Data processing:
Real time FFT
ACMT – low speed bearing analysis
Order analysis
User band pass analysis
RPM measurement
DC measurement
Orbit measurement
IR temperature measurement:
From -70˚C to +380˚C (-94˚F to +716˚F)
Manual, External, Amplitude, Tacho
Colour 240 x 320 pixels, TFT
USB 3.0, 2.0 compatible
Operating temperature range:
-10˚C to +50˚C
Battery pack for more than 10 hours of continous operation, AC 100-240 V charger
Aluminium – heavy duty
780 g
230 x 82 x 32 mm

Data sheet vibration analyzer a4300 VA3 Pro

Data sheet


Manual vibration analyzer A4300 VA3 Pro


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