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The Fastest 4-Channel Vibration Analyzer

Do you want to measure 4 AC (vibrations) channels and 4 DC (process values) channels synchronously? Yes, with A4400 VA4 Pro you can do that and you don’t even need any input adapter!

The A4400 VA4 Pro is a unique analyzer?for?machinery vibration diagnostics which will fulfill all your vibration diagnostics needs. The?A4400 VA4 Pro includes modules for?analysing, data collecting and vibration signal?recording. The device?is?enhanced by modules for?dynamic balancing, measurement of run?up and?coast?down, acoustic measurement?mode, ultrasound measurement, monitoring and?control of?lubrication process and listening to?the?vibration signal with?the stethoscope feature. The instrument is?equipped with?an?expert system developed by?Adash, which automatically detects machinery faults.

The A4400 VA4 Pro is designed for engineers, technicians and researchers dealing with?machinery and structural diagnostics as well as dynamic balancing of?rotating machinery.

  • 4 channels simultaneously
  • FFT 3 276 800 lines in real time
  • Frequency range up to 90 kHz
  • 35 hours recording of 4 channels
  • ISO 10816-3 included
  • Bearing database included
  • Input for triaxial sensor
  • ACMT – very low speed bearing analysis
  • User defined frequency bands
Input channels:
4 x AC, ICP® power supply on/off
4 x DC for process values
1 x TACHO for speed probe/external trigger
Input range:
AC +/- 12 V peak-peak
DC +/- 24V
AD conversion:
24 bit, 64 bit internal signal processing
No AutoGain function!
Dynamic range S/N:
120 dB
Frequency ranges:
Maximum range: 1 Hz – 90 kHz (1 Ch, 194 kHz sampling)
Maximum range: 1 Hz – 25 kHz (4 Ch, 64 kHz sampling)
Minimum range: 1 Hz – 25 Hz (4 Ch, 64 Hz sampling)
Sampling mode:
Fully simultaneous for 4 channels
FFT resolution:
Min. 100 lines
Max. 3 276 800 lines
Unit modes:
Analyzer – analytical measurements
Data collector – route measurements
Balancer – 1 and 2 plane on site balancing
Run up – run up and coast down measurements
Recorder – raw signal recording for later post analysis
Stethoscope – listening of the bearing/machine noise
FASIT – expert system for automatic fault detection
Octave analyzer – hearable sound measurements
Bump test – measurement of natural frequencies
ADS – Animated Deflection Shapes (Operating deflection shapes)
Ultrasound – measurement of ultrasound in 30 – 50 kHz range
Colour LCD 800 x 600 pixels
Intel Atom 1.6 GHz
Memory, Route:
120 GB for recording, 8 GB for routes
Data processing:
Real time FFT
ACMT – low speed bearing analysis
Order analysis
User band pass analysis
RPM measurement
DC measurement
Orbit measurement
Raw signal recorder:
64 kHz sampling frequency
4 Ch memory consumption 3 GB/hour
4 Ch total recording – 35 hours
Manual, External, Signal level, Time
Use for signal recording trigger
Speed change, Time interval
Colour 800 x 600 pixels, LCD
USB 3.0, 2.0 compatible
Operating temperature range:
-10˚C to +50˚C
Battery pack with about 5 hours of continous operation, AC adapter 100-230 V
Aluminium heavy duty
Size & Weight:
280 x 205 x 60 mm, 2,5 Kg

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Manual vibration analyzer A4400 VA4 Pro



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